1. What is Rukisha

Rukisha is the CPF Group digital lending solution that enables customers access credit, facilitate merchant payments with the aim of promoting pension savings among across the country.

2. What is SAYS?

SAYS refers to Save as you spend. SAYS is a saving concept for CPF M-pension. The other savings products are planning wallets for the member. The funds will be credited to the SAYS Education, Medical & Holiday wallets. The solution seeks to promote high culture of pension savings and planning / budgeting for the normal household needs like education, health, medical care, holiday. In every transaction made, there is pension saving. A range between 2% and 30% is set to select on the percentage to save. (2% default is pre-set).

3. How do I get the Rukisha App?

You can get the App by downloading it from the play store. Other users eg IOS and Huawei can use or
USSD dial *391#

4. Why should we use Rukisha?

We should use Rukisha because it seeks to promote high culture of pension savings, access diaspora services, make payments as well as save as you spend as you conveniently transact within the wallet.

5. How do I register?

  • Download the App, input your phone number, identification number and a pin is sent to the registered number for login.
  • For the client portal, users, create a new account using the registered phone number, Identification card number, Name, Email address and a preferred Password is set
  • For USSD dial *391# , Enter ID number, Enter pin.

6. How do I qualify for Rukisha loans?

Rukisha loans are accessible to employed individuals, credible institutions and partnered organizations

7. What are some of the Rukisha Functionalities?

Through the Rukisha wallet, you can perform several functions

  • Loans
  • Payments- This includes: -
    • Pay Pension
    • Pay for a merchant
    • Pay rent
    •  Pay school fees
    • Pay medical costs
    • Pay NHIF
    • Pay for LIB Insurance
    • Transfer funds to another Rukisha Account
    • Credit management for Chamas
    • Diaspora Services which include, Funding the wallet through card, pay for pension, send money to Mpesa, pay rent, pay merchant, and pay for LIB insurance

8. How do I deposit funds into the wallet?

  • Select deposit to wallet
  • Select Payment option either; M-pesa, Card or agent
  • Select % you would want to save. (A default of 2% is pre-set)
  • Proceed to key in the pin

9. What are sub-wallets?

Rukisha has other defined sub wallets which encourage savings towards medical, education and Holidays. Select the sub-wallet you want to save towards, opt in and you will save automatically as you save towards your Pension.50% of the selected savings range amount will go to your pension savings and 50% towards the selected sub-wallets.

10. How do I save for pension with the Rukisha APP/

Through the Rukisha app/ one can save towards the pension by.

  • i. Selecting save pension option
  • ii. Key in the amount
  • iii. The amount will be credited to the customer’s M-pension account.

11. What does Rukisha offer for diaspora customers?

Rukisha has card capabilities that allows diaspora customers to: - Allows use of international cards VISA/ MASTERCARD/ AMEX etc

  • i Fund wallet and be able to transfer money to another Rukisha Account
  • ii Transfers funds to another Safaricom MPESA User
  • iii Save for pension
  • iv Supports e-commerce purchases for the Kenyans in the diaspora to avoid fund diversion for goal-based payments
  • v Pay for LIB Insurance
  • vi Pay for a merchant
  • vii Pay rent
  • Pay school fees
  • Pay medical costs
  • Pay Chama

12. Why should I use Rukisha for Pay Chama?

For a chama that is onboarded into the Rukisha Platform, members will easily make their contributions as well as use the platform to transfer funds to other chama members conveniently.

  • i) Member records management
  • ii) Separation of chama funds from the officials own cash
  • iii) Other welfare benefits extended to members through the SAYS program
  • iv) Loan management tool for chamas
  • • Advance savings for chama members to build on their contributions before the due date
  • • A full wallet for other financial services for members.

13. Why should a merchant use Rukisha?

A merchant can use the Rukisha platform to make payments to another merchant when paying for goods and services as well as save for pension as they make transactions Through Rukisha a merchant can pay employees through the platform, and this saves cost and its efficient.

  • • Employees get a full wallet with varied financial services and capabilities
  • • Debit cards for employees to power transactions and cash access
  • • Payments management and records for ease of reference at the point of budgeting
  • • Ecommerce environment supporting purchases from the diaspora

14. Why M-pension and not any other?

M-pension is a flexible personal retirement plan designed to guarantee a dignified and fulfilled life The benefits include -

  • • High investment returns
  • • Multiple channels of contribution
  • • Free statements
  • • Risk benefits
  • • Security at old age

15. Why SAYS? What are the key benefits of SAYS?

  • • It is a good habit to save before you spend
  • • It puts you in financial control
  • • Savings make you money
  • • Everyone needs a rainy-day fund
  • • Saving money good for your health, you are less stressed on financials
  • • Savings gives you a sense of achievement
  • • You will reach your financial goals faster
  • • Savings makes you money

16. Can I trust Rukisha with my data?

Rukisha is committed to protecting your privacy and security. We have put in place appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

17. Why does Rukisha need my ID Number or Passport Number

Rukisha advances solutions uses your ID to ensure your account belongs to you. We understand that this is very sensitive information and take our customer privacy very seriously.

18. What are your Terms of use

Please read our terms and conditions